Why invest in your skin?

Won’t you agree that the first thing people see when they meet you is your skin when they look at your face, so why wouldn’t you want to take care of your skin. I personally love all things skincare, from the latest products to the newest techniques and equipment. After all, you only get one…
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What does this picture say?

Let’s get creative! I am excited to start creating and playing around with smells and aromas that makes you feel good and makes your skin glow. Watch this space for some exciting things to come. ✨🌱✨🍃✨🌱✨🍃✨#essentialoils #essentialoillove #essentialoiltips #essentialoilproducts #essentialoilrollers #letsgetstarted #fresh #new #adventure #skin #glowingskin #healthylifestyle
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Thieves, my wonder bottle, well one of them anyway!

I had a mouth ulcer (definitely wasn’t going to share a photo of that with you) dew to my immune system being a bit compromised and some stress thrown into the mix. I decided to try Thieves and in two days time, mouth ulcer gone!!! I used a earbud dipped in a carrier oil and…
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